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HR Policy

We, Durukan, believe that our success depends on our ability to build dynamic, versatile and mobile teams wherever and whenever needed. We respect each other and value our diversity from different backgrounds, experiences and opinions.

Our commitment to respect human rights everywhere we work is shaped within our working culture and operational management system. Although we believe that protecting and providing human rights is the true duty of the state, we have a responsibility to respect human rights and to play a positive role in the countries we operate in.


HR Principles

  • Move our company's strategic goals and interests further.

  • Maintain a culture of work environment where mutual trust and respect prevails, where all employees feel valued and heard, and can contribute with their best efforts to complete our mission.

  • Employ individuals with the best features for the position. Provide equal opportunities for all qualified candidates, regardless of race, language, religion, gender or physical barriers.

  • Be aware of and comply with the laws and regulations relating to the functions carried out.

  • To maximize morale and motivation of employees at all levels, to build family awareness,

  • To develop and to exercise all the personal rights of the staff.

Durukan Construction
Durukan Construction

Career Planning

Our company believes that the role of the human resource is crucial in achieving sustainable, stable growth goals.

  • He will be able to make progress with confidence, initiative and team spirit,

  • Open to working in collaboration with different cultures,

  • Active listener, contributor, leadership and motivational ability,

  • Able to collaborate with understanding and respect to individual differences,

  • Working in harmony with others and taking responsibility by demonstrating exceptional interpersonal skills,

  • Able to communicate well with people,

We would like to work with teammates. If you want to take advantage of our career opportunities, you can send us your CV in .doc or .pdf format.

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