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Durukan has made effective investments in human and technology in the name of cartography and has successfully conducted cartography activities since its establishment. Our organization offers accurate and professional measurement with state-of-the-art equipment and is always looking to exceed your expectations.

We consider the applications that will solve the industry's problems as our constant quality policy, with modern technology and up-to-date equipment, to provide environmentally responsible, economical and quality services. In this context, we continue our professional business life in the fields of current map production, number studies, Geographic Information Systems, construction applications casting and waste dam sites, construction and road measurements and other mapping.

Plankote Maps

It is a map that covers all the details, along with the topographic status of the field, which is prepared to form a footboard for projects. For the purpose of mapping the plankote, measurements are made with a detail point of approximately 3-5 m. (selected according to desired presentation), where the slope changes, the patterns, existing structures in the field, and Total Station (Electonic Tachometer) with built-in recording unit, which data transfer to the computer is possible.

The bureau evaluation of the measured data is done in a computer environment with plotter at 1/100, 1/200, 1/500 and/or 1/1000 scale, and the sketch is also delivered in the AutoCAD file structure (DXF or DWG files).

Durukan Construction
Durukan Construction

Existing Maps

It's a state of being said as a word. The Halistock map also means a map that shows the status contained in it. On the Halihazir map, the nirengi, the polygon points, the RS points, the buildings, the floors of the buildings, elevation curves, trees, electric poles, island and parsel numbers and limits for places outside the streets, etc. everything in the area worked is shown.

Halihazir maps are made at 1/1000 or 1/2000 scale according to the "regulations for the construction of 1/2500 and larger scale maps and plans" guidelines. In short, large-scale maps made by municipalities or Iller Bank are called current maps for project planning, design, implementation and operation of the technical services that municipalities will perform, construction plan and other projects outlined above.

The location is built so that residential or workplace structures that will be built outside the limits of the construction plan can be licensed.

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