Durukan Construction


Durukan Construction has adopted the basic principle of delivering on time without compromising on quality in projects that it has carried out in its business area, meeting customer satisfaction at the highest level.

To fulfill this principle, our company;

1) To continuously monitor the work that must be carried out at each stage from the project phase to the completion of the work,

2) Supply quality materials from reliable sources,

3) to be selective with the performance of suppliers to be recruited for labor service,

4) to comply with the rules of work and worker safety,

5) to take advantage of the technological developments to the maximum extent,

6) to see the protection of the environment as a necessary respect for humanity in all jobs,

7) to comply fully with the laws and regulations,

8) To train experts in the field,

Durukan Construction
Durukan Construction

9) by measuring quality management system performance, he determined continuous improvement as a quality policy.

Durukan Construction, which produces construction in many areas, is the main areas of operation:

  • Fold provision Construction production
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Road Projects
  • Social Area Projects
  • Shopping Center
  • Hotel Projects
  • We are here to assess your investments
    and to produce projects that will benefit you.
    Durukan Construction