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Zoning Applications

Ifraz, arrested, left on the road, etc. are called applications. Housing, work, according to country, region and city data, to protect the safety and health of the people in the municipality, to provide social and cultural needs and good life order for them, the cadastral status is also a plan on current maps that have been processed to find the best solutions for the size of the possibilities available and available between urban functions such as rest and transportation.

When you want to build a building, you need to apply to the relevant municipality (Public Works and housing Directorates in areas other than the construction plan) and obtain a license. When the license is granted, the provisions of the zoning plan are applied (towing distances, building height, etc.).


It is that the parties are separated into two or more parcels unless they are contrary to plan requirements and imar regulations.


It is the consolidation of multiple parcels into a single parcels.


It is the process of combining land, property, or other rights holders with road surplus, public institutions or municipalities, with or without buildings or buildings in the border of the building, and allocating them in accordance with the rebuilding plan, without the need for the consent of their property, property or other rights holders.


According to the map to be organized, immovable goods, which are caused by the road being closed, are driven off the road, under a parsel number, refer to registration in the name of the municipality, village, highway General Directorate or Treasury.

Durukan Construction
Durukan Construction


The parceling process is performed crossover before it is performed. So, the land that has farmland and is composed of cadastral parcels is divided into imar parcels according to the construction plan. Second, it's a modesty. With Tevhit, situations that prevent the use of different imar parcels in accordance with the development legislation are removed. The procedure to remove this is to assemble two or more image parcels. Because the imar part in the discarve must be made available. If the front is not large enough, the parcels are merged.

The allocation applications are then performed. This means that new parcels are distributed to the land of imar. Parcels scattered are distributed to their property.

In the parceling process, the path within the parcels is separated into one or more of the places that are allocated to public services, such as green space, parking, parking, square etc.

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