Housing Projects
Modern in Architecture

We are building projects designed to help you live in perfect comfort,
with structured language and maximum space.


Business Center Projects
Optimum Usage

Useful business living areas to enjoy working,
to improve your business efficiency...


Villa Projects
Custom Concept Design

Special places where we can gather all the differences
of your own life under a roof.


Education Projects
Model Structures Taken

Beyond the design of building a school environment,
we offer fun and eye-filling training spaces.


Continuing Projects
Visionary Buildings

Here's where you can track the development of our projects,
which we add a new one to your portfolio every day.

Durukan Construction
Durukan Construction

A look beyond lifestyle

With more than half a century of experience...

We continue to differentiate ourselves by implementing the most spoken and highest brand value structures in our innovative projects and bring different concepts nationwide.

What you will gain with us:

  • Minimum Time, Maximum Profit

  • Modern Architecture, Optimum Usage Areas

  • Quality Equipment, Expert Touches

  • Pleasant Lively Places


Preference Feature Reasons

Durukan Construction

Professional Team

With a young and dynamic structure led by an experienced leadership team, Durukan has made it his policy to take a step forward in each new project.

Durukan Construction

Innovative Solutions

As a necessity of modern life, it has effectively introduced its differentiation by producing innovative solutions that are appropriate for evolving technology.

Durukan Construction

Maximum Efficiency

The attention to detail in their projects has always been a wanted construction company with business discipline, quality and delivery rate.


Fields of Activity


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Durukan Construction

  • You can write your questions to info@durukaninsaat.com.

  • You will be returned as soon as possible.

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What should I be careful about in the developer's election?

First of all, the healthiest way to get to know a contractor is to talk to someone who has worked with that contractor before. If such a thing is not possible, the contractor's previous works, technical staff and financial adequacy should be examined.

What details should I ask when my projects are being drawn?

Before the projects are drawn, you should discuss how many rooms are required according to the family structure, how much the total size can be, how to meet the parking need, the balcony size, the number of rooms facing the outside, the kitchen size, which rooms the balcony will be.

What are the requirements for applying for urban transformation?

As part of urban transformation, buildings in risky areas or risky structures that are not located in the risky area are being demolished and new buildings are being built. In the process, some assistance is being made to the rightful owners. These benefits include rent assistance and credit support. In the proportion of shares owned on the structure's deed, the stakeholders provide at least two-thirds majority, sufficient for the structure to be evaluated as part of urban transformation.

How to determine the construction cost?

By examining all projects based on today's prices (architecture, static, ground study, electrical, sanitation, elevator) it is possible to calculate both the approximate cost and the exact cost. In the calculation, cost calculation is carried out on a scale based on the changing economy, taking into account the demands of the owners.

We are here to assess your investments
and to produce projects that will benefit you.
Durukan Construction